Record Your Programming in HD with TiVo HD



The DVR company has launched TiVo HD, with up to 20 hours of HD programming available, for $300.

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To take from an old public service announcement, this is your TiVo. This is your TiVo on HD.

Yep, everybody’s (OK, almost everybody’s) favorite DVR company has launched TiVo HD, allowing you to record, fast-forward, rewind and pause HD programming, record up to 20 hours of HD (or 180 of SD) programming, record two programs at once and output it in up to 1080i resolution.

You’ll also be able to download movies from the web, remotely access your PC music library, use a WishList search to find the HD version of a program you want to record, and schedule recording through TiVo’s web site.

Features include two CableCard input slots, an Ethernet connection and compatibility with the TiVo Wireless G Network Adapter. Expandable storage is expected for late 2007, according to the TiVo web site.

The unit will retail for $300. Check out for further details.

Via: Engadget HD

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