Q. What’s the Best Way to Keep HDMI Cables from Popping Out?

Simon Scotland has three options for anyone frustrated with loose HDMI cables.

Apr. 14, 2009 — by Simon Scotland

Q: What’s the best way to keep HDMI Cables from ‘popping out’ and/or from damaging my HDMI Input or cable? - Lew, Portland

A: Arghh! - sorry - just a natural reaction to another HDMI cable popping out. These really are a problem aren’t they? It’s really easy for them to fall out, or worse, move within the socket and damage either the cable or equipment.

While HDMI might offer great visual and audio capabilities you do get the feeling that the connector was designed by an intern on a Saturday morning. Enough with the rant - we just have to live with it.

There are a couple of ways to help with this problem:

Adhesive - Carefully place some Blu-tack above and below the connector. This will help prevent the cable from falling out. If you can get hold of the black version, this is even stickier and better.

Locking Cables - Some cable manufacturers (notably Gefen) make locking HDMI cables. On the rear of most equipment you will find a screw above the HDMI connector. Carefully unscrew this and replace it with the screw attached to the HDMI cable. Of course this restricts the choice of cable you can use and might be expensive if you have to replace all the cables in your system.

Covers - Lindy makes two covers that are designed to work over an existing cable. These are specifically designed to work with Lindy cables, but you may find that it will work with the ones you own. At $14 per pair, it is certainly cheaper than replacing all your cables.

Even with these solutions make sure that you support the cables and ensure there is no strain on them. This can cause problems with picture quality and can damage the equipment.

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