Q. What Paint Color is Best for Picture Projection?

Will switching from beige to gray improve picture quality?

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Q. Paint color question: my room is a little beige in color. To help with the color projection, I have decided to pain the room walls a medium gray. Will this help the overall picture in the room? - Paul, Anchorage AK

A. These options are provided by Keith Rose and Rob Schultz of Inspired Electronics, Inc.


I’m a big fan of painting the screen wall a dark, muted color. By contrast the screen will appear much more vivid. The side and rear walls can be left as is.


If you’re projecting onto the wall directly, you will want to use something like Goo Systems’ paint which is designed for this purpose. If you don’t want to use a specialized paint, a medium gray will help improve contrast and black levels, and won’t really interfere with your whites (but that’s not a preferred solution - standard paints aren’t as reflective).

If this is a background for a regular screen, I agree with Keith, a darker color is better. In fact, I’d even go farther than Keith and recommend dark walls all around, and a dark ceiling!

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