Q. What is the Maximum Run for HDMI Cabling?

You're safe at 50-feet without some type of repeater system, says Bryant Moore of Moore Audio Design.

Sep. 08, 2008 — by Bryant Moore

Q. What is the maximum run for HDMI cabling. We plan to install a 46-inch LCD above the fireplace and would like to place the components in a closet about 100 feet away. Will the length of the cable affect picture quality? And are there better cables suited for this purpose? -Jim,Texas

A. While the HDMI specification does not name a maximum cable length, 10 meters is considered the maximum acceptable length for current-day HD transmission at 8-bit color @ 60 Hz. However, generally speaking, any length over 50 ft. would call for some type of active (powered) cable or repeater system. Many companies manufacture solutions that include active cables (active electronics built into the cables that boost and extend the cable’s signal), repeaters, amplifiers as well as CAT5, CAT5 baluns and fiber-optic solutions. There are very good HDMI-over-CAT5 extension systems that work wonderfully and can extend your HDMI signal up to 200 ft. 

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