Q. How Can I Upgrade My Poolhouse Audio Without Running New Wires?


A poolhouse is getting a new TV and the family wants to upgrade the audio equipment out there. One problem -- they don't want to run new wires.

Jun. 22, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Q. I have a poolhouse that has been previously equipped with ceiling speakers and outside speakers. We just bought a new TV for my father for his birthday to put in there and are looking to upgrade our sound equipment.

The problem is, the wires for the speakers come out of the wall in a different location than the TV ( a pretty large distance). I would rather not run cables through the walls/ceilings but want to hook those speakers into an AM/FM/CD (maybe iPod too?) receiver and let it be the speaker system for the TV. Does anyone know of any wireless ‘cables’ or system I could implement to work this out? I was thinking Bluetooth but can’t figure out how to integrate it. We have a 26” Westinghouse LCD ( SK-26H730S-B ).
—Bensey S., Connecticut

A. There are a couple of options for you. KEF makes a wireless speaker solution that enables users to use their speakers with their transmitter/receiver system. JBL also has its WEM-1 wireless transmission system, and Soundcast Systems also makes a wireless speaker unit that is weatherproof and it includes iPod compatibility.

These products all use the 2.4GHz wireless protocol. There are are also other companies like Acoustic Research that use products with the 900MHz wireless technology. 

As for the Bluetooth option it probably won’t be available unless the transmitter and receiver units are near one another. Bluetooth is a protocol that’s designed for short distance transmission.

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