Q. How Can I Get My IR Remote to Work with Equipment in a Cabinet?

An IR repeater will work best with this homeowner's Logitech 880 remote control.

Jun. 10, 2009 — by Scott Varn

Q. I want to put all my A/V equipment in a cabinet. My remote Logitech 880 is IR. What is best way to do this? - Philip, Savannah GA

A. There are remotes with built in RF (radio frequency) that will transmit into a cabinet and then emit IR (Infrared) to the individual devices. These remotes work even when not aimed directly at the equipment. However, long complicated macros can fail if the remote is moved. Since you have already spent the money and taken the time to set up the 880, an IR repeater would serve you better.

Do not get one of the cheap “pyramid” repeaters. They are unreliable and only cause frustration. Xantech makes one of the most reliable hardwired systems I have used.

The company also has a solid track record. For instance, they developed a plasma proof IR receiver to combat plasmas errant IR issues. They also make receivers that are simple stick-on as well as small brass finish versions (see photo below) that can be inserted into a small hole in your cabinet. An IR kit consisting of a receiver, power supply, distribution block and a few transmission pucks will set you back about $250, but it is well worth it for a clean hidden installation.

Micro Link Plasma Proof IR Receiver

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