Q. Can You Recommend a Stereo System That Plays Cassettes & CDs?

Bryant Moore recommends a couple of mini systems that play cassettes, CDs and AM/FM radio.

Mar. 11, 2009 — by Bryant Moore

Q. Are there any products (not boom-boxes) on the market that play tape cassettes, CDs and AM/FM radio? I am looking for a unit to place in my stereo cabinet. - Gerald

A. It sounds like you are looking for “Micro,” “Mini” or “Desktop” systems. Take a look at these:

The Sanyo system is not currently available in the U.S. But you can purchase online and it will work with your other components.

You might also like this product that is made to look like an old record player - Electro Brand Nostalgic Stereo CD Music System (Model #9230CGB).

It might be just as easy to put together a little system with a stereo receiver (the AM/FM tuner is built-in) and plug in a CD and cassette player.

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