Q. Can You Recommend a Receiver with Video­ Upconversion Ability?

Gregg Schwartz talks receivers, chipsets and 1080p.

Jul. 12, 2008 — by Gregg Schwartz

Q. I am looking to buy a new receiver with excellent video upconversion capabilities (ex. 480i to 1080p). Are the Onkyos my best bet, given their use of the Silicon Optix Reon chip, or will other companies be coming out shortly with receivers that also have the Reon? - Patrick, Toronto.

A. The Silicon Optix Reon-VX HQV chip (which is embedded in the Onkyo TX-SR875 and the TX-NR905) is quite a powerful chipset, and is well suited for upscaling to a 1080p output via HDMI. I checked the HQV web site and did not find any changes in the Reon-VX HQV partner list nor have I heard of any looming changes for the Reon chipset.

We examine each source component, receiver and video display to help decide which has the best processing capability, and use it. If we are unsure, we try different configurations to determine what looks best. In some instances a Blu-ray DVD player might look best connected directly to the display unit or by adjusting the receivers upscaling to bypass HDMI to HDMI scaling.

Silicon Optix also produces the Realta HQV chip which is capable of performing over 1 trillion operations per second. It is a true end-to-end 10-bit image processor making this the industries current video processing thoroughbred. The Realta HQV chip would be one of the best options for a receiver’s upconversion duties. 

I sell the Denon AVR5803Ci for our premier receiver based systems and I have been extremely impressed with its performance and more importantly, the ability to manage each individual inputs sources upconversion settings. The HDMI cable also plays a vital role in passing the higher 1080p bit rates. There is no simple solution to figuring out what cables to purchase but DLPrating.org DLPrating.org will help explain the various bit rates and cable requirements to handle them. 

Selecting the best processing in a receiver is a wise choice, but not the final answer in delivering video utopia to your screen.

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