Q. Can You Recommend a Media Server Setup using Windows MCE?

Graig Stephens advises one reader seeking a media server to send A/V to four TVs.

Dec. 15, 2008 — by Graig Stephens

Q. I want to use a media server to send audio/video from my library to four TV monitors. What’s the best way to send the video and what software and hardware should I use? I’m thinking of using Windows MCE, a graphics card that supports component video out (which I will run to a component video input to RJ45 output balun), and an RJ45 input to component video output to the TV, but I’m wondering is the resolution going to be poor? - Rich/Australia

A. This depends on the product and wiring used for this application, but first you need to decide how you will be using your MCE. Will you be using extenders at each location to allow each location the freedom of watching or listening to different media, or will you be using a matrix system? If you are using extenders you will not need the baluns. These systems work over your network. You may need to upgrade your network so it can handle the bandwidth, but this system allows you to utilize MCE. You may want to visit the www.thegreenbutton.com to learn more about MCE and its pros and cons.

If you are using a matrix system, then make sure to use high quality baluns that support the resolutions you need. Gefen is a trusted brand that I have used for many years. Poor resolution will also depend on your recording quality and the displays.

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