Pure Wireless Audio System Like Sonos Lite


New UK company offering wireless speakers and stereo adapters with an app interface.

Jan. 10, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Pure wants to take a bite out of the wireless music distribution market occupied by Sonos. The Pure Jongo system, as the group of products is called, is made up of three products starting with the S340B ($229) is small unit that can be used on a tabletop or wall mounted. It features five drivers , 20 watts of power and a rechargeable battery so you can take it outside or move it around the house.  A larger speaker, the T640B ($329), is a 100 watt system with two drivers and can be used as a single stereo speaker or two as a stereo pair. Like the S340B, the larger speaker can be placed on a tabletop or wall mounted. Both speakers will be available in a variety of grille covers.

Jongo TS640B in white, corner mounted.

If you want to use your own stereo system and speakers, Pure offers an adapter called the A140B. It includes a 24-bit DAC and digital optical and coaxial outputs plus analog stereo outputs.

The Pure system gets its music either via Wi-Fi or directly from a smartphone via Bluetooth. An app fro Pure called Pure Connect allows users to control the system and play the company’s own music streaming service. 

Unlike Sonos, which uses its own gateway and a proprietary wireless network in the home, the Pure Jongo components connect directly to your Wi-Fi network. The app to control the system doesn’t include popular music services like Pandora or Slacker, but you can send those to an individual speaker from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, but not to a multi-speaker system. For multi-room, users need to use the Pure Connect service.


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