PS3 to Support YouTube 3D Channel


The channel supports anaglyph-style 3D, and there's even a YouTube video that shows you how to make such glasses.

Aug. 04, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Everyone griping about the lack of 3D content can rejoice. We have YouTube—in 3D!

In case you didn’t know, YouTube launched its anaglyph 3D channel back in 2009. There are some pretty cool clips, ranging from your typical WTF YouTube fare, to “The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car.”

Yes! Would wouldn’t want to see that in 3D? Well, not everyone has 3D glasses to watch it on the smaller screen. They do sell them for cheap ($2!), or you can get all MacGyver and make them yourself. YouTube even shows you how! Check out that video below.

From what I can see (not in 3D), it doesn’t look like you can view the YouTube 3D channel on your big-screen 3D TV and actually get the 3D goodies. However, Sony says (via, that they expect the PlayStation 3 to have YouTube 3D support within the next year. I’m guessing the floodgates will open sometime shortly after.

At the very least, this might motivate some of you to buy up one of the new 3D cameras. It’s instant web stardom, with very little competition.

Take a peek at some of the videos they have posted. At last look, there were 44 “favorites.” If you find a video that you like (Mentos Rocket Car!), let us know about it below.


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