Proficient’s C1030 Speakers Serve Up Thunder from Above

Proficient speaker

Proficient’s C1030 in-ceiling speaker

Proficient designed its 200-watts-capable, three-way configured C1030 in-ceiling speakers for large home theater rooms.

Aug. 17, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you’re looking for some power without worrying about space limitations or big cabinets to take away from a room environment, Proficient has introduced an in-ceiling speaker that packs a punch.

Proficient’s C1030 LCR in-ceiling was developed specifically for larger home theater rooms and high-end cinema systems, the company says, with a three-way configuration that provides a kick while not hogging space like a floorstanding behemoth might. Its configuration features a 10-inch Kevlar woofer mounted in a cast magnesium basket; a 3-inch Kevlar midrange and 1-inch pivoting Aluminum tweeter. 

All of that plus the componentry adds up to 200 watts of power handling, Proficient says.

Along with power, the C1030’s midrange and tweeter bridge set at a 15 degree angle, aids in sonic clarity and accuracy by pushing the critical midrange and high frequencies to the listeners’ ears rather than the floor, the company says.

For 7.1 systems, the C1030s make for an ideal solution as the rear and side surrounds as well, and bass and treble can be adjusted up or down via +/- 3dB contour switches. Go to for more.

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