Products of the Week: LED TVs, Receivers & More


A look at some of the recent product releases in the consumer electronics industry.

Jul. 10, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Product announcements always keep us on our toes, and keep our industry press section pretty busy. We thought it would help if we started rounding up the compelling additions to industry each week.

Hey, if you combined all of those you’d be on your way to a pretty sweet home electronics system.

The CableDrop lets you consolidate and streamline your computer (or perhaps other) cables so things aren’t a total mess; the Netflix streaming lets in another customer base to its TV access for on-demand movies; LaCinema lets you stream all of your other networked media; Crestron brings video into the mix for iPod access; Yamaha’s receiver fuels and fires up the sound system, or enhances the video.

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