Premier Mounts Offers Short-Throw Projector Flexibility

premier uni-stb

Premier Mounts’ Universal Short-Throw Projector Arm

The Universal Short-Throw Projector Arm from Premier Mounts extends up to 27 inches from the wall and is available in black or white.

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Projection systems can turn a media room into a true home theater room, but the two variables often get in the way of our screen dreams—enough space on the wall for a screen, and accommodations for the projector.

Premier Mounts is hoping to cut down on dilemmas with the latter of those, with its recently introduced Universal Short-Throw Projector Arm (UNI-STB) providing more flexibility to mounting short-throw projectors.

The arm is able to adjust from 7 to 27 inches from the wall with support for projectors up to 50 pounds.

Already giving you some breathing room from the wall itself, the UNI-STB also allows for a bit of wiggle room if your wall stud(s) aren’t in the ideal placement relative to your screen. The piece will mount to a single stud, or dual studs at 16-, 18- or 24-inch spacing.

Combined with some lens shift abilities on your short-throw projector, that makes for a convenient solution to your projection dilemmas.

Additional goodies include:

  • Wall-mounted GearBox for PC, Mac Mini or other A/V gear
  • Tilt of +/-15.5 degrees
  • Roll of +/-7.5 degrees
  • Integrated cable management
  • Lifetime warranty

The UNI-STB is available in black or white for $370, and if you need more extension for longer-throw projectors there’s a version that extends up to 67 inches for another $50.

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