Premier Aims for Victory in Flat-Panel Mounting Solutions

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Premier Mounts’ Victory Mount LCD Swingout Arm

The new Victory Mount line from Premier Mounts is meant to be a cost-effective, simple solution for flat-panel displays.

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For anyone who looks at wall-mounted LCD and plasmas and thinks, “Man that looks like it might be kinda pricey” or “Isn’t that a bit of a hassle,” Premier Mounts has tried to assuage both fears.

The company has announced its Victory Mounts family of flat-panel mounting solutions, with seven options ranging in MSRP from $30 to $150 and available for displays from 13 inches to 60 inches.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Universal Flat Mount: Two models for LCDs or plasmas, one that fits 26-inch to 37-inch flat panels (XUF-2637) and one for 37-inch to 60-inch models (XUF-3760) suitable for just about any home entertainment solution and ideal for eye-level viewing, the company says. The Universal Flat Mounts hold displays less than one inch from the wall. MSRPs of $79 and $99, respectively.
  • Universal Tilt Mount: Also available for LCDs or plasmas in models of 26 to 37 inches (XUT-2637) and 37 to 60 (XUT-3760), these are designed to mount displays above eye-level. Holding the display three inches from the wall, the mounts can tilt 15 degrees up or down. MSRPs of $129 and $149, respectively.
  • LCD Swingout Arm: Designed for dLCD isplays up to 30 inches, the Swingout Arm is designed to solve the problem of limited viewing flexibility. Your TV can swing out up to 10 inches away from the wall and retract to less than four inches in depth. Tilt range is up to 20 degrees, as well as 180 degrees left or right. MSRP is $29.
  • LCD Tilt Mount: Also ideal for placing LCD displays up to 30 inches where adjustments are necessary, according to Premier Mounts, this has a tilt range of up to 20 degrees up or down and holds displays less than four inches from the wall. MSRP is $39.
  • LCD Flatt Wall Mount: Designed for LCDs up to 30 inches, this is a space-saving solution for pretty much any room in the house, the company says. It holds the display two inches from the wall. MSRP is $79.

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