Plug into Leviton’s New Mobile Device Station


Leviton's charging location can provide instant power to smartphones and portable music players.

Mar. 07, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Everyone could use a little extra power—especially when it comes to portable gadgets. Phone calls, text messages, emails, apps, video and other things that we’ve come to expect from those portables can really suck up the battery power.

Luckily, Leviton has a little innovation that makes charging up that portable as easy as plugging it into an outlet. Well, it is that easy, but the company’s new Mobile Device Station makes the option a little neater and more convenient, too. 

Besides being able to charge up your device, the Mobile Device Station wraps everything up in a nice package that’s close to the wall. This cradle can hold your device of choice, as well as charging cables. That way, they won’t be oozing all over the counter, desktop, or whenever else you like to charge up your portables.

Leviton says that the Mobile Device Station can attach to any single-gang electrical box or low voltage mud-ring. No double-gang box or new holes are needed. Just screw the Mobile Device Station onto a Leviton dual-gang wallplate and install it in place of the existing single-gang wallplate.

The Mobile Device Station is designed to fit most mobile phones, including the iPhone and many Android phones. It can also be installed next to a Leviton local source input, making it easy to add that portable into a multiroom audio setup.

Offered in black, white or light almond, the Mobile Device Station is also available for Leviton’s Decora and Renu brand wallplate styles. The MSRP is listed at $15.99 each.

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