‘i-Got-it’ Plug-in Turns iPhone into an A/V Remote


The i-Got-Control accessory plugs into your i-Product of choice.

New i-Got-Control accessory lets any i-Product control your A/V gear.

Mar. 19, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

There are a slew of apps that can give your iPhone or iPod touch the smarts to operate entertainment components. With most of these apps you’ll need to plug your components into a box that can convert the WiFi signals of the mobile device into infrared signals that the A/V equipment can understand. Some programming of your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad might be required, as well.

i-Got-it Corp. (www.i-got-it.com) aims to simplify the setup process with a new accessory that plugs into your i-Product of choice.

Loaded with more than 40,000 infrared codes for consumer electronic devices, the i-Got-Control accessory ($69.95) requires no converter box and allows you to operate multiple A/V setups in your house.

“There’s no real programming involved, either,” says Alan Richardson, company CTO. “All the control pages have been pre-laid out, which means you just select from the menu the devices you want to control.”

After choosing the make and model of the IR devices, you save the settings. Beyond this, you’ll need to download the free i-Got-Control application via iTunes.

In addition to turning devices on and off, i-Got-Control allows you to adjust the volume. The device provides both audible and visual feedback that your commands were received.

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