Planar Shows Off White LCDs

Planar White

Planar is now selling white versions of a few LCDs and touchscreens.

The company is providing an alternative to the basic black and silver bezels.

Nov. 05, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Basic black goes with everything, but hey—so does white. So how come we don’t see more white consumer electronics?

Planar was probably thinking the same thing. Twice says that the company is adding white editions of its PL flat panels, as well as the PT touchscreen line. The company says that the line is great for “healthcare, government, education and retail environments.” However, they are also perfect for those that need to match the Mac, or other white computers.

Currently, there are five PT touchscreens in white, with three LCDs. That includes one 19-inch and two 17-inch LCDs, and two 15-inch, two 17-inch, and one 19-inch for the touchscreen line. All of the same models are also offered in black.

The white is nice; we always like options. Not sure how dirty they will get, but it might force you to clean more often—which probably isn’t a bad thing.

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