Phorus and Blumoo Offer Easy, Wireless Audio


The Phorus PS1 Speaker.

One is a subsidiary of DTS, with the other looking to gain traction via Indiegogo.

May. 24, 2013 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Whole-house music is a wonderful thing. It allows you to have music while you’re folding laundry, out by the barbecue, and even in your main media room. Of course, installing whole-house music can be kind of an ordeal. However, we have a pair of new wireless audio products designed to make that project a whole lot easier.

First up is Phorus, a subsidiary of DTS. Last year, the brand made its big debut as a whole-house audio solution specifically for the Android platform. It uses something called DTS Play-Fi wireless technology, which allows users to stream music from compatible smartphones and tablets right to Phorus devices.

Right now, those devices include the Phorus PS1 Speaker and Phorus PR1 Receiver, as well as a compatible app. The Phorus line promises high-def lossless audio over WiFi. Users can also link speakers to play the same music simultaneously or have different tracks go to different rooms. 

The PS1 typically retails for $199, with the PR1 coming in at $149. However, DTS is running a Father’s Day promotion right now, on three separate Phorus bundles. From now through June 16, 2013, you can score a two-room system (one PS1 and one PR1) for $299 or just get two PS1 speakers for a total of $349. There’s also a three-room special with two PS1s and one PR1 for $399.

If you want that music system to have a little extra wow factor, check out Blumoo. This up-and-coming option ties several features into your mobile devices via Bluetooth technology. Just connect the Blumoo to any AV receiver, and you can stream all of your music from any compatible device. Sound familiar? Well, what makes Blumoo unique is that it also functions as an IR transmitter, so you can control your home theater all from that same portable. Right now, the company is finalizing hardware and tweaking the Blumoo app. However, if you want to get in on the ground floor of Blumoo, check out the video below and then maybe pledge a little something to the company’s project on Indiegogo.

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