Philips Reveals Ultimate TVs, Blu-ray Player

Philips LCD 42PFL5603

The new 5000 Series features cabinetry of glossy, black casing with rounded, acrylic edges and a compatible, dark stand.

A slew of sleek LCDs with faster refresh rates and Profile 1.1 BD player are unveiled by Philips.

Jun. 17, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) High atop the 39th floor at Le Parker Meridian hotel in New York City, Philips Consumer Electronics held their annual "Holidays in June" press event showcasing all of their new lifestyle products. Besides new healthcare and lighting innovations, the company unveiled their new line LCD televisions and a new Blu-ray player. The new LCD TVs are divided in to three series: 5000 Series, Eco TVs, and 7000 Series.

5000 Series
Philips looks to design a line of televisions that they hope will fit consumers' lifestyles and home décor with the introduction of their 5000 FlatTV series. Adding to improved picture quality, the 5000 Series includes Philips’ proprietary Pixel Plus 3 HD technology that offers a combination of ultimate sharpness, true natural detail, increased depth impression and vivid colors from multiple sources including DVD or Blu-ray content. According to Philips, this advanced technology provides more detail and improved picture color and sharpness. With Pixel Plus 3 HD, consumers reportedly gain a more immersive and pleasurable viewing experience. Along with Pixel Plus 3 HD, the 5000 Series also includes Digital Natural Motion (HD DNM) that helps with the elimination of juddering film effects with increased detail and sharpness. HD DNM produces a smoother impression of moving objects in television material originally recorded for film, which is shot at a slow 24 frames per second (fps). Meanwhile, regular video is shot at 60 fps and all TVs need to display at least 60 fps on screen. Ultimately, HD DNM smoothes the on-screen image by creating and displaying additional pictures between frames to make movements sharper and more lifelike.

The 5000 Series features cabinetry of glossy, black casing with rounded, acrylic edges and a compatible, dark stand providing a modern, unobtrusive design that allows consumers to focus on the screen. Other innovations for the 5000 Series allow viewers to select their ideal picture and sound using the built-in settings assistant. By using a program similar to an eye test, viewers can select what they perceive as the best video and audio setting. Choose initial preferences from the five split-screen samples and the television will make the changes and store them for future use. All models include 1.3a HDMI inputs.

The 5000 Series includes the following models:
Model Display Type Invisible Sound HD DNM Pixel Plus 3 HD MSRP Availability
32PFL5403 LCD Yes   $799 Now
42PFL5603 LCD Yes Yes Yes $1,799 Now
47PFL5603 LCD Yes Yes Yes $2,099 Now
52PFL5603 LCD Yes Yes Yes $2,899 Now

Eco TVs
Philips Eco TVs are designed with several power-saving features such as a proprietary dimming technology that is designed to lower the LCD panel backlight to reduce power consumption without presumably compromising the picture quality. A built-in light sensor automatically measures the viewing room’s ambient lighting and adjusts the television’s backlight for power efficiency. With the exception of the 19-inch and 32-inch models in the current 3000 series, all televisions in Philips FlatTV line are now eco-friendly. As part of the Philips Design Collection, the energy-efficient sets deliver precision picture quality and definitive style while incorporating lead-free components and flame retardant materials, which are safe to the environment. Furthermore, the packaging box and user manuals are all made of recycled materials.

The new Eco TVs include the following models:
Model Display Type MSRP Availability
42TA648BX LCD $1,099 Now
42PFL3603 LCD $1,399 Now
42PFL5603 LCD $1,399 Now
47PFL3603 LCD $1,499 Now
47PFL5603 LCD $1,799 Now
52PFL3603 LCD $1,999 Now
52PFL5603 LCD $2,299 Now

7000 Series
Philips calls its top-of-the-line 7000 Series their "Ultimate TVs," which are also part of their Design Collection. These new models feature a rounded edge surrounded by an acrylic bezel which not only gives the set a less rigid look but apparently also enhances its technology. Viewers will notice the absence of a speaker grill which makes the glossy, black bezel continuous around the set for a cleaner look. The sound is powered from the back of the set and carried out throughout the acrylic edge around the set – enveloping consumers in what the company believes is deep, rich sound. According to Philips, the 7000 Series processing, sound, connectivity and design all work in concert to create the ‘ultimate’ viewing experience.

The 7000 Series features the addition of 120Hz ClearLCD technology, which improves the shadow detail and black levels in dark scenes while greatly diminishing motion artifacts. Philips’ 120Hz ClearLCD technology, which doubles the refresh rate from the standards 60Hz, looks to provide razor-sharp moving images with an ultra-fast motion response time of two milliseconds for swift, streak-free action images clarity.

Philips has also refined the 7000 Series LCD HDTVs with HD Digital Natural Motion™ technology (HD DNM), and Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology that estimates motion in the picture and inserts compensated frames. The result is a smoother, more natural picture and sharper images.

The 7000 Series Ultimate TVs further feature a unique invisible speaker system that delivers a powerful audio experience from a slim cabinet. Philips Invisible Sound System looks to improve low frequency performance while concealing the speakers in a subtle, efficient design. Connections include 4 HDMI 1.3a inputs with Consumer Electronics Control (CEC).

Models in the 7000 Series include:
Model Display Type Invisible Sound 120 Hz ClearLCD Perfect Pixel HD MSRP Availability
42TA648BX LCD Yes Yes Yes $1,699 Now
42PFL3603 LCD Yes Yes Yes $1,999 Now
42PFL5603 LCD Yes Yes Yes $2,699 July

Building on their first-generation model -- the BDP9000, the BDP7200 is Philips’ first Profile 1.1 compliant BD player, optimizing the complete HD experience and allowing viewers to enjoy the latest movie applications and features. The new player adds a stylish design with improved sound and picture quality that takes BD interactivity to a new dimension.

New features include Deep Color that helps create vivid images with more than a claimed billion colors and also eliminates on-screen color banding. The new model supports 1080p at native 24 frames per second (fps) cinematic resolution input via HDMI, which is the same format used in movies. It is also compatible with BD-Java technology that makes access to sophisticated interactive features possible. The BDP7200 also includes Picture in Picture (PiP) graphical enhancements and multi-languages for on-screen displays. The multilayered displays enable users to interact with on-disc content (pop-up menus, graphics, and director’s commentary). Like some other BD players, this model also includes upconverting circuitry via HDMI that upscales standard DVDs to 1080p (or near HD quality). And, lastly, the player includes EasyLink that allows easy control of connected devices via HDMI with CEC functionality using one remote. Of course, to utilize CEC, all components must have CEC control built-in.

The BDP7200 is available now at $399.

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