Philips Launches Urban Micro System with Lightning Connector


The DCM3155 is designed to work with newer Apple devices and fit in anywhere.

Dec. 06, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Since Apple launched the iPhone 5, the new iPad and the iPad mini, we haven’t seen a ton of add-on products—you know, the ones with the Lightning connector. Of course, there are a few out there, but it hasn’t been the flood like what we’ve seen in the past.

That’s good for Phillips, who is swooping in to claim a portion of that market with its new Urban Micro System (DCM3155). Designed to fit almost anywhere, this all-in-one audio system works with Apple’s new lightning connector.

Other features include a CD player, FM radio, and up to 550-watts RMS of power. It also looks really cool, which makes sense since it’s helming a line of other smaller Lightning-capable docks.

There’s no other word on the model, including any pricing info. However, Philips does plan to start selling the DCM3155 sometime this month.

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