Phase Tech Shows Soundbar, Multiroom Audio

phase tech teatro

Phase Technology’s Teatro soundbar

Phase Technology has introduced its Teatro single-speaker soundbar solution, plus a multiroom solution for its dARTS speaker family.

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Single-speaker solutions and distributed audio are making their way throughout your house to give your primary and secondary TVs a boost, and let you route your favorite tunes to more than your main media room.

Phase Technology’s serving both demands with highlights from its CES 2009 introductions—the Teatro soundbar, and the dARTS multiroom audio solution.

Soundbars are seemingly everywhere these days. Phase Tech’s Teatro V-3.0 and Teatro PC-3.0 tweak the solution by featuring drivers to emphasize particular frequencies that widen the soundstage. There’s also a front-panel switch that lets you trigger the company’s EVT Enhanced Voice Technology circuitry for greater clarity during movie and TV dialogue.

You can use Teatro as a single-speaker solution, or the front three channels in a surround setup. It’ll add to a room’s elegance with its satin black finish and black grille. Dimensions are 40 x 7 x 4.5 inches.

When you want to send your tunes throughout the home, you can also tap into Phase Tech’s new dARTS multiroom audio system, which delivers the sonics of its acclaimed dARTS speaker system to up to four rooms.

The multiroom system incorporates the DP2000 programmable amplifier to power up to eight bi-amplified speakers in four rooms, each of which can have separate calibration using Audyssey’s MultEQ software. Even if each room’s acoustic properties vary wildly, you’ll get the same rich sound on target from your dARTS.

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