Peerless HD Flow Adds HDTV Anywhere


The new wireless multimedia kit can stream HD A/V almost anywhere in the home.

Jan. 10, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Projector placement isn’t always easy—or convenient. Now, Peerless Industries is hoping to cure some of the headaches associated with tough installs. The company just announced the HD Flow (HDS100), a wireless multimedia kit that allows you to put the TV and projector where you want it.

Did we mention that no cable clutter is needed? Don’t expect to drill or fish wires, either. The HD Flow promises to send that 1080p 60Hz signal wirelessly.

Connect the included transmitter to any device, such as your DVR, Blu-ray player, gaming console, laptop, etc. Then, connect the receiver to your display device. Peerless says that the kit can stream a real-time 5.1-channel audio and HD video signal anywhere in the home, up to 131 feet.

The HD Flow operates on the open 5GHz band, and has a switch that allows you to flip between four connected devices. Other features include a built-in IR blaster, HDCP support, a USB port, and an integrated Wi-Fi (802.11n) signal for a setup that includes four Wireless HD Receivers (sold separately) at once.

Peerless is selling the HD Flow kit through ADI, Magnolia, Amazon and other retailers. The HD Flow Wireless Multimedia Kit has an MSRP of $388.98.

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