Paramount Starts Selling UltraViolet Movies


Paramount is the first to offer UltraViolet cloud-based movies.

Jan. 25, 2012 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Back in October, Warner Bros. was the first to introduce the perk of UltraViolet on Blu-ray. UltraViolet allows movie owners to enjoy that purchase almost anywhere—through a disc, a download or the cloud. The idea was to eventually offer UltraViolet movies without the disc aspect. Now, Paramount is moving forward with that plan.

The studio is now selling a variety of digital movies through the Paramount website. The studio is one of a few Hollywood heavyweights hoping that consumers will appreciate being able to have movies at home as well as on the go, all for one price. According to Slash Gear, they are also hoping it may deter piracy. 

Currently, Paramount’s UltraViolet digital movies are only compatible with computers and iOS devices. No set-tops or gaming consoles can receive the UltraViolet movies yet.

At last peek, Paramount was offering a nice selection of UltraViolet films for purchase, including Super 8, Paranormal Activity 3, The Fighter, The Godfather, True Grit, Star Trek, and much more. Prices vary, but start in the $12.99 range for standard-definition and $19.99 for HD.

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