Paramount, DreamWorks Announce Final HD DVD Releases


The Sean Penn-directed drama “Into the Wild” will be released on HD DVD on March 4.

Paramount has just two more releases, while Dreamworks scraps two titles from the defunct high-def format.

Feb. 29, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Just days after the announcement that “Bee Movie” would be DreamWorks’ next big HD DVD release, that deal is done—as in, it ain’t happening.

Both DreamWorks and Paramount have just announced (via Video Business) that they are done with the defunct format.

The final HD DVD titles for Paramount will be “Into the Wild” and “Things We Lost in the Fire,” which will be released on March 4. However, there will be no “Bee Movie” (which was scheduled for March 11) and no “Sweeny Todd” (April 1). For now, both titles will only come as standard DVD releases.

As previously announced, “There Will Be Blood” will also only be available on standard DVD, starting April 8.

Neither studio has announced its first Blu-ray titles. 

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