Paradigm Announces v.5 Monitor Series Loudspeakers


Proprietary SuperDrive technology makes owners of this next-generation series proud to get loud.

Dec. 31, 2006 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

I love Paradigm. Maybe it’s because they are the only company that ever allowed me to test out their products with my Pantera CDs (sorry I cleared that room, fellas!). Maybe it’s just because they make great products.

The v.5 is the company’s latest incarnation of its affordable high-end Monitor Series loudspeakers.

Paradigm’s SuperDrive technology boasts high efficiency with high output and ultra-low distortion. That means high-end sound with a low-end price tag.

A new 3-way design found on all the center channels boasts improved off-axis performance and extended dynamic range while also ensuring superb timbre matching in a multichannel music or movie setup.

Monitor Series v.5 replaces Performance Series v.4 and Monitor Series v.4; the model names Atom and Titan, however, will remain in the new series. Eleven speakers comprise the entire series lineup.

  • $249/pair to $1,199/pair

  • 11 speakers comprise Monitor v.5 Series

  • H-PTD high-efficiency pure-titanium domes with redesigned tweeter WaveGuide

  • Carbon-infused bass cones control the lower bass frequencies

  • Redesigned die-cast or grip glass-reinforced injection-molded polymer chassis (varies by model)



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