Paradigm Adds Gaming Speakers

Paradigm Gaming Speakers

Paradigm has just announced four audio options for gaming fans.

Four new options can create a crisp, killer gaming experience.

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We’ve heard a few Paradigm speakers in our day, and let’s just say—they are perfect for just about everything. So it’s hard to believe that the company’s new gaming speakers wouldn’t satisfy any audio or video geek.

Of course, Paradigm agrees, but the Cinema Micro and Phantom Audio systems are made to go with a variety of gaming systems, as well as budgets.

“We’ve created these new audio systems to sync up with a gamer’s needs, but also to be flexible enough to handle the performance demands of movies and music,” says Mark Aling, Paradigm’s marketing manager. “These systems fit all aspects of the emerging home entertainment lifestyle.”

All of the systems start with the new Paradigm Micro (bookshelf) or Phantom (floorstanding) speakers, with the choice of adding a subwoofer, surround and a center-channel speakers, or all of the above. Each of the systems include Paradigm’s own WaveGuide technology, PTDTM pure-titanium dome tweeters, injection-molded co-polymer midrange cones, and oversized magnets that are ferro-fluid cooled and damped for better power handling.

The two Micro systems include a two-channel setup, with two Micro bookshelf speakers and a PDR 8 subwoofer for $487; and a complete 5.1 system, which adds two Cinema ADP surrounds and a Cinema 110C center-channel speaker for $894. The Phantom setup has a two-channel package with two Phantom floor speakers and a PDR 10 subwoofer for $977; and a 5.1 system, which adds two Cinema ADP surrounds and a Cinema 220C center-channel speaker, for $1,474.

The only difference between the two is that the floorstanding units stand 24 inches taller and weigh 15 pounds more than the Micro systems. The Phantoms also feature three drivers and a maximum input power of 85 watts, versus two drivers and a maximum input of 50 watts for the Micros. Of course, there’s also the price.

Both sets aren’t exactly cheap, so we don’t expect every pimply-faced PS3 geek to add this to their gaming setup. A pimply-faced PS3 geek with a bankroll? Well, they’d better call a certified Paradigm dealer, because that’s the only way to get one.

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