Panasonic’s Eye-Popping 3-D Theater Package

Panasonic Full HD 3D

Panasonic will show off its Full HD 3D at Japan’s CEATEC show later this month.

The manufacturer is packaging a few home theater favorites with a new tech twist.

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Engadget says that Panasonic saved the fun stuff for CEATEC—or at least their funky Full HD 3D theater package.

The set includes a 103-inch HD plasma, a Blu-ray player, and a set of 3-D glasses. We love the first two, but the glasses look sort of Buddy Holly-ish—if Buddy Holly shopped at a dollar store. You’d think they’d take a lesson from Vuzik or Lenscrafters or something.

It could be a prototype though. After all, the 3-D technology seems sort of top secret. Just know that you can expect the system to direct 1,920 x 1080 pixels at each eye—or at least at the glasses. The tech has Hollywood behind it, and I guess that’s all you need to know for now—no really. There’s not too many other specs or info, such as a release date or even a price.

Also, before you get all drooly, it doesn’t look like the package has any U.S. plans. CEATEC is Japan’s big tech trade show. Expect to see other unbelievable announcements come out during its September 30 through October 4 run.

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