Panasonic’s Concierge Service Makes a Comeback


Based on things such as viewing habits and room design/dimensions, Panasonic can help you choose the right TV.

Company opens up service so that consumers can have a happy holiday purchase.

Dec. 07, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Holiday shopping can get hectic; you deserve some pampering. Panasonic may not want to rub down your scaly back, but they can give you a little Concierge service.

The company just announced that they are opening up their Plasma Concierge for all to enjoy. This toll-free service is designed to take some of the pain out of choosing a flat panel. Services include live access to specialized Plasma TV consultants, a loaner program if a unit needs to be removed for repair, and online chat.

The service is usually reserved for people that own a Panasonic plasma. However, they are offering up their electronic elves to all through February 3, 2008.

“As more and more consumers make the transition to High Definition television, we feel offering access to our otherwise exclusive group of HDTV experts will continue to be a valuable resource to assist consumers in making educated decisions when purchasing a flat panel HDTV,” said Donald Szczepaniak, Panasonic’s Vice President of Extreme Customer Satisfaction. It certainly doesn’t hurt!

Panasonic first offered the Plasma Concierge the 2006 holiday season, and again earlier this year for Father’s Day.

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