Panasonic Delivers ‘End-to-End’ 3D TV Experience


From camcorder to plasma TV to new content in partnership with DirecTV, Panasonic has the full high-def 3D TV solution covered.

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Who better to vouch for Panasonic‘s commitment to this unstoppable 3D trend than a key player from the blockbuster movie Avatar? That would be producer Jon Landau, who helped bring James Cameron’s story to life—which has already topped the $1 billion mark in less than a month at the box office—and then took he stage as part of Panasonic’s press conference at CES 2010.

Landau noted how impressed he already was with Panasonic’s plasma quality. Well the Viera line of plasmas will be taking a step up with the introduction of the premium V Series.

It’s a line of 3D plasmas including sizes of 50, 54, 58 and 65 inches. “Why 3D?” asked Landau. “From our perspective it’s not about gags coming off the screen, it’s about creating a window into our world, a more engaging experience for consumers ... letting them feel as if they were there at an event or experience they could not get to.”

The experience of V Series is bound to be an impressive one for people’s homes. The TVs also feature “infinite black panel” technology for rich, deep black levels as well as web access through Viera Cast Wi-Fi. Oh, and along with LG at CES press day, Panasonic introduced Skype capability via the TV to enable video calls from the family room.

Following on the heels of what Toshiba announced a few hours earlier, Panasonic says its V Series TVs will offer real-time 2D to 3D conversion.

But Panasonic didn’t stop with merely the 3D TV introduction. It also showed a 3D HD camcorder, which as noted looks a little like Wall-E, as well as the PP-BDT350 3D Blu-ray player ... with the combination of all three designed to deliver a truly “end-to-end” 3D experience.

The company also had some surprising TV content news to deliver: it’s partnered with DirecTV to help create some of the 3D content that will be broadcast as part of the satellite provider’s launch of three 3D channels to arrive as early as this June.

DirecTV’s executive VP Eric Shanks offered the news during the press conference, noting that the satellite will have two linear 3D channels and one video-on-demand channel to serve up sports, movies, music, documentaries and more 3D programming. For 3D enthusiasts, this is great news, especially coming on the heels of ESPN’s announcement the previous day of ESPN 3D. Shanks added that Fox plans to broadcast this year’s MLB All-Star Game in 3D.

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