Panamax/Furman Ships Affordable In-Wall Surge Protection


The new additions to the PFPower in-wall family include the MIW-SURGE-1G and MIW-SURGE.

Mar. 25, 2011 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Instead of having a slew of power protection behind your messy A/V cabinet, Panamax/Furman is putting some of that protection right into the wall. The company just announced that they have started shipping the MIW-SURGE-1G and the enhanced MIW-SURGE, two additions to the PFPower in-wall family.

These new units are designed for AC power protection of flat-panel displays that are mounted close to the wall, as well as other components that are located away from the main system rack or cabinet.

The MIW-SURGE-1G (right) has two surge-protected outlets, complete with Protect or Disconnect circuitry. It uses the standard wiring device screw-hole alignment, making it an easy fit into any standard single-gang plastic or metal outlet box. It’s also compatible with Decora faceplates. If the LED display is green, you’re fine. Red is another story.

An upgrade to this model is the MIW-SURGE (below). Designed for common plastic retro electrical boxes, this unit is a project for the licensed high-voltage installer. The MIW-SURGE features one AC outlet with a variety of signal side options including Decora adapters and keystone port support.

Both units are available now. The MIW-SURGE-1G has an MSRP of $49.95, with the MIW-SURGE listed at $69.95.

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