OWLink Touts Fiber-Optic Solution for Multiroom A/V

owlink fiber

OWLink’s HD Digital Light Link FO2850 and fiber-optic cable

OWLink uses transparent fiber-optic lines and an external A/V switcher to send uncompressed HD audio and video around your house.

Jan. 28, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Multiroom audio and video distribution doesn’t have to be complex. That’s what the folks at OWLink Technology want to show you with their DLI fiber optic solution.

The company’s HD Digital Light Link FO2850 lets you connect and transmit uncompressed high-definition video and audio signal over one fiber-optic line. One set of sources can deliver the signals to various displays throughout the home, with an external A/V switch letting you select the souce you want to see or listen to.

The thinness and virtual invisibility of the fiber-optic runs make it a convenient and unobtrusive way for you to distribute audio and video through distances up to 300 meters without breaking into walls, making it a good choice for retrofit projects.

Digital transmission is studio-approved HDCP compliant, with the same copyright security maintained in HDMI/DVI cables, OWLink says.

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