orbitsound Ready to Rock Your World


The T3 is designed to be worn around the neck, for use with the iPod, Walkman or other portable.

The UK company is unleashing three new audio devices, promising big sound from small packages.

Jan. 05, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

British company orbitsound is invading the world—or at least the Consumer Electronics Show—with several new personal and home entertainment products revolving around their airSOUND “single-point-stereo” concept.

Basically, the products are promising big sound from a little package, sort of along the same lines as sound bar technology.

They talk the talk, but is airSOUND just a lot of, well… hot air sounds?

Products include the very cool looking orbitsound T3 personal sound system, which takes the portable player and ditches the headphones. It’s a lot like when you used to strut with your boombox and Adidas, but without the back strain. Plug in your iPod or other personal device, and strap this cell phone-sized device around your neck to show just what a geek you really are. Wouldn’t a “kick me” sign be a lot lighter?

Other products include the T6 home entertainment dock for use with the iPod or other personal media device, and the T12 soundbar. Pictures of each can be found in the slideshow.

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