Orb Audio Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Speakers and Subwoofers

The Mod1X Home Theater Speaker System.

The new releases include the Mod1X, Mod2X and Mod4X packages, as well as the subMINI and subONE subwoofers.

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Happy birthday, Orb Audio! The company that’s known for circular speakers is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Orb Audio will come bearing gifts for music lovers everywhere, in the form of five new speaker releases.

The new products include the Mod1X, Mod2X and Mod4X 5.1 speaker packages, as well as the subMINI and subONE subwoofers. Each product boasts new technologies, as well as a new aluminum driver. However, all five still have that distinctive spherical shape.

All Orb speakers are also modular, meaning that you can customize the package to include one, two or four Orbs. This allows you to build a system based on space, sound requirements or budget. It also allows you to easily add on and build up a bigger system over time.

Each one of the new Mod packages has American carbon steel, with options for Metallic Black and Pearl White powder coated finishes, as well as optional Hammered Earth, Hand Antiqued Copper, Hand Antiqued Bronze and Hand Polished Steel.

The Mod1X is a 5.1 speaker package, which includes single Mod1X Orbs plus the subONE or Uber Ten subwoofer. That’s selling now, with a starting price of $889.

For a step up, the Mod2X has a selection of Mod2X satellite speakers and the subONE subwoofer. Also worth noting is that this system connects with one speaker wire per channel and has an MSRP of $1,398.

Last in the new speaker lineup is the Mod4X. This custom package includes four Orbs per channel for maximum output and an immersive soundstage—all from a tiny footprint. Packages are available with with Mod4X for every audio channel or you can opt to use the Mod2X for the surround channels. A single Mod4X is priced at $528, with packages starting at $1,759.

As mentioned, Orb Audio is also selling the subONE, which includes a 200-watt amplifier and a cabinet that’s smaller than 12 inches on each side. Other subONE features include a furniture quality walnut finish, new anti-clipping and thermal overload circuits, and auto-voltage sensing technology.

If you’re looking for a smaller option, the subMINI has a 100-watt amplifier packed inside a tiny 9-inch cabinet, with a dual port design. Also worth noting is that both the subONE and subMINI are available with wireless options.

“Ten years ago, we launched a new company based on the idea that by selling directly to customers, we could eliminate markups and offer top quality systems and high-end design at a lower price,” said Ethan Siegel, co-founder and CEO of Orb Audio. “Our success over the past decade shows that the demand for superior performance and craftsmanship and modern styling is strong. By selling direct, we can spend a lot more on product components, design and support, and still keep our prices very competitive.”

All five of the new products are now selling on the Orb Audio website. The company is also offering a trade-in program for existing customers.

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