Onkyo Plans New Wireless Audio System with Imagination Technologies

The two companies are also promising to get more High Quality Audio out to the masses.

Mar. 03, 2014 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Could we soon see a wireless audio system from Onkyo? Although there have been no product announcements yet, Imagination Technologies says it’s working with Onkyo on a few different audio projects.

The first of those projects should be some type of wireless streaming music speaker system. The companies also want to advance High Quality Audio. Onkyo has been dabbling in that for a while, having launched its High Quality Audio e-onkyo service in Japan back in 2005.

“In the last decade, we have witnessed a massive increase in music consumption. Unfortunately during this period audio quality has been lost in the rush for convenience,” saus Munenori Otsuki, Onkyo’s president and CEO. “The time has come to raise the bar back up. By working with Imagination and its partners, who are at the centre of this movement, we will aggressively expand wireless audio music streaming and High Quality Audio out of Japan to the rest of the world.”

While there’s currently no products or any sort of timeline for announcements, Imagination says that Onkyo has licensed the company’s Caskeid and FlowCloud technologies. Caskeid is designed to synchronize audiophile-quality wireless multiroom streaming using a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while FlowCloud was made to connect devices to the internet. The latter also includes FlowAudio, a cloud-based music and radio service with thousands of music stations, on-demand programs, and more.

Both companies expect any of the new devices based on Caskeid and FlowCloud to be compatible with each other, as well as other devices based on the same technology. Stay tuned!

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