Olive Announces Whole-House Audio Solutions

Olive OPUS Nº4

Olive’s OPUS Nº4 stores approximately 3,000 CDs, boasting original quality.

A new music server and distributed audio product are now available for pre-order.

Apr. 02, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Whole-house audio is not cheap. Olive is proclaiming a musical festivus for the rest of us—with its dynamic duo of the OPUS Nº4 and the Melody Nº2.

Granted, the Nº4 isn’t exactly bargain-bin fare at $1,499 (320GB) to $1,799 (1TB). However, this audio server does hold about 3,000 of your favorite CDs, boasting original CD-quality sound.

For an extra $600, the Melody Nº2 can tap into the OPUS and share music with up to 10 different rooms. It not only works with the OPUS though, the Melody can also play music off other audio sources, including your home computer.

Other highlights for the duo include a nifty color touchscreen for each and HD audio support, with playback in 96kHz/24bit.

Both products connect to an amplifier or receiver, for an easy setup. The new OPUS and the Melody are available for pre-order now.

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