Olevia Sells Blu-ray at Target

Olevia BD-110

Olevia’s BD-110 Blu-ray player will be sold exclusively through Target stores.

The BD-110 Blu-ray player is a new entry, exclusive for the retailer.

Oct. 14, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We love cheap Olevia LCDs, so will they make the same magic with a Blu-ray player? That’s the plan. The company has released the BD-110 Blu-ray/DVD player.

According to Twice, the unit is $229, but on Target.com, it says $299. The retailer should know, since it’s a Target exclusive. However, they don’t seem to know how to spell the brand name, so it’s really anyone’s guess. The latter price is a little less enticing, though—especially with $149 Blu-ray players expected on Black Friday.

The player is actually a Fuse101 Brands America unit, baring the Olevia brand name. The profile 1.1 player supports 5.1 sound. Other than that, it has very little specs or other info. We do know that the BD-110 will be sold exclusively through Target stores, so no website sales. Other Olevia Blu-ray models are expected to come in the future.


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