Okoro Lets Loose RK Media Server Options

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Okoro Media Systems’ RK media servers are ready to be configured

Okoro Media Systems has made available its 2009 RK Digital Entertainment Servers, with rack-mountable chassis and more media center options.

Apr. 17, 2009 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Ready to configure your ultimate media server? Okoro Media Systems wants to give you a hand, and they’re saying the new 2009 RK Digital Entertainment Servers will cater to requests for rack-mount features and more media center options.

The RK models will be configurable based on Microsoft Windows operating systems of Vista Ultimate 32bit, Vista Ultimate 64bit or Home Server 32bit, with Media Center or Sage TV providing support for your high-def digital video recording (DVR) needs.

Along with a rack-mountable chassis, 80-gig solid state hard drive OS drive and Intel i7 processor technology, each RK system will come standard with a Blu-ray drive, RS-232 support, multi-zone audio support, and a minimum of 6 GB RAM.

You’ll also get a minimum of 2 terabytes media storage—but these days that’s not enough for all of your music and your high-def video library, is it? Nah, Okoro doesn’t think so either, so the storage options include up to 32 TB of RAID storage.

For the multi-zone audio, the RK’s Media Center solution can be controlled with existing Russound or NuVo distributed music systems, or configured to be controlled via UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) or MID (mobile Internet device).

You’ll have to get a hold of the sales team at Okoro Media for pricing and configuration options. So what flavor will your media server be?

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