NuVo’s Multiroom Music Port Delivers PC Tunes

nuvo musicport

NuVo’s new Music Port delivers your PC tunes in a NuVo multiroom audio system

The new Music Port from NuVo Technologies turns your laptop or desktop PC into a multiroom audio source as well as a controller.

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Multiroom audio systems are convenient enough when you’ve ripped tunes to a server or can route several sources to any room in the house. When you can add all of your PC content, too, you’ve got just about everything covered.

NuVo Technologies’ new Music Port packages not only lets you pull your PC files into its Grand Concerto or Essentia E6G multiroom audio system as a source, but also lets you use said laptop or desktop PC as a controller.

The NuVo Music Port is made up of the NV-MP and PC software. The NV-MP is a small piece of hardware that can go on-wall, in-rack or elsewhere hidden, and can easily be installed as an upgrade to your existing system or part of a new one from a NuVo dealer. The software works with Windows XP, Vista and Home Server, and most existing PC sound cards.

You can get up to six independent stereo streams if you have two 5.1 sound cards on a PC, for example, and NuVo will take all of your digital music and aggregate it, whether it be from iTunes, Windows Media Player and more.

As a controller, Music Port allows your laptop or desktop PC to act like NuVo’s in-wall OLED control pads and other touchscreens already do in commanding the system. A web browser interface adds album cover art for convenient navigation, and the aggregation lets you browse by playlist, track, artists, album genre or favorites with your control pad. Let the music force be with you!

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