Nordost Odin Reference Cables Provide Top Precision

Nordost Odin

Nordost’s Odin Reference speaker cables

At $14,000/pair for interconnects and $20,000/pair for speaker cables, Nordost's Odin precision is an audiophile investment in quality.

May. 25, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Even cabling can be a cool-looking A/V component these days.

Case in point, Nordost has introduced its Odin Reference cable range, a design that combines established silver-plated copper
solid-core conductors with the latest Dual Mono-Filament and extruded Teflon construction, while the interconnects are shielded using Nordost’s newly developed Total Signal Control (TSC) technology.

For Odin, Nordost’s engineers have taken the process of combining Mono-Filament spiral spacing and extruded Teflon insulation a step further, first twisting two FEP Mono-Filaments together, before winding them in an open spiral around each solid-core conductor. The effect is a significant reduction in conductor contact area and far greater geometrical consistency, especially when cables are bent, the company says.

Odin’s TCS technology was developed to match the theoretical performance of solid copper pipes without the subsequent inflexibility that such rigid structures impose, says Nordost. Each of the eight conductors in an Odin interconnect is individually shielded using technology to minimizes both signal leakage and external interference in the electronic environment.

Conductor materials are silver-plated copper, with silver-plated WBT NextGen RCA or Furutech XLR terminations on the interconnects, rhodium-plated low mass Z-plugs or spades on the speaker cables.

Nordost admits that the precision doesn’t come cheap, though—prices start at $14,000/pr for interconnects, $20,000/pr for speaker cables. Visit for more.

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