No Need to Imagine: John Lennon’s Catalog Now on iTunes

Lennon Walls

Lennon’s Walls and Bridges is among his titles on iTunes

John Lennon's post-Beatles music is now on iTunes, as well as several music videos.

Aug. 16, 2007 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Well, there’s still no word on The Beatles making their way onto iTunes as a group, but individually they’re getting there. John Lennon’s catalog joined the party this week that Paul McCartney has already attended, so can the Fab Four on the whole be far behind? With the amount of iTunes/iPod integration into home entertainment systems, that will certainly be a welcome day.

Lennon’s lyrical genius continued throughout his post-Beatles career, and on iTunes it is also showcased with remastered editions of his albums: Imagine, Walls and Bridges, Sometime in New York City, Rock n’ Roll, Plastic Ono Band, Mind Games, Working Class Hero—The Definitive Lennon, and Lennon Legend.

For a limited time, Apple is also packaging music videos ($1.99 as individual sales) with the albums. Regular album prices are $9.99 (the 38 tracks plus one video of Working Class Hero is $27.99), so to grab the 15 tracks and one video for the Walls and Bridges remaster is a relative bargain.

And as Lennon’s catalog is available on EMI, iTunes Plus will provide 256kbps, DRM-free downloads for $1.29 per track.

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