Niveus’ Storage Server Updates Include 4TB Pro Model

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Niveus Media’s Storage Server

Niveus Media's 2TB Storage Server ($2,999) and 4TB Storage Server Pro ($5,999) allow you to access your content anywhere on your home network

Feb. 15, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

As if the Niveus Media product offerings weren’t high-powered enough, the company had to go ahead and add even more capacity and other improvements to its Storage Server line.

For starters, the media server manufacturer has made its Storage Server and Storage Server Pro available in 2-terabyte and 4-terabyte designs, respectively. That’ll hold enough movies, music and photos to make your head spin.

Also, the servers include Niveus’ Reflection technology, which lets an unlimited number of additional Internet Storage Servers (in remote locations) to mirror the data and reflect any changes on the master Storage Server, the company says. You can get access to your content from anywhere you access your home network.

Other highlights include: A/V gear form factor with rack-mount option, uPnP for playback with uPnP-compliant devices, always-on operation, automatic backup of digital media and documents, improved database indexing and metadata lookup, unique family member login, and low power consumption.

The Storage Server and Storage Server Pro units are available for $2,999 and $5,999 respectively.

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