Niveus Debuts All-Encompassing Media Library Engine

niveus library

Niveus Media’s movie library

All formats supported by Windows Vista Media Center can be browsed together in one library, from DVDs to recorded TV movies to downloaded movies.

Apr. 02, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You’ve got your DVD library, your downloaded movies, your DVR’d movies—if they’re all on the same server, shouldn’t they be packed together in one library for easy viewing and selection?

Yes, Niveus Media thought so too. That’s why they’ve introduced the Niveus Movie Library (Beta), which is now available as a Niveus software update for owners of the high-end media servers.

Instead of separate catalogs to sift through, the Niveus Media Library encompasses all of your movie sources, with the same display and rich cover art so you can easily pick what you want to watch.

Another added feature is the “You may also like” scrollbar that displays cover art along the bottom of the screen when you select a movie, guiding you to similar ones in your collection.

An impetus for the library was Niveus’ relationship with MusicGiants’ movie download service, VideoGiants, which gives Niveus server owners a range of DVD to 1080p quality movies they can download right onto their hard drives and plunk, the movies go right into this main library like any other DVD.

The library supports formats enabled in Windows Vista Media Center: DVDs, DVR-MS, WMV, movies from the Recorded TV library, and downloaded movies from VideoGiants, Vongo, Amazon Unbox and more.

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