Nintendo Wii Drops the Netflix Disc


Following in the PS3's footsteps, Nintendo users no longer have to worry about using a disc to stream Netflix content.

Oct. 18, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Starting today, PS3 owners will be able to enjoy Netflix streaming without having to load in a disc. Now, Nintendo has announced that U.S. and Canadian Wii users can also enjoy disc-less Netflix access.

“At this time of year, consumers have a near-insatiable demand for family entertainment,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “And this simplified Netflix access will help bring families together more quickly, more easily and in more ways than ever before. More than 3 million Wii systems have already connected to Netflix, demonstrating how easy the service is to set up and use.”

Sadly, the Wii won’t get the 5.1 sound enhancement that the PS3 is promising. It also doesn’t support high-def. Still, it’s one less step if you’re already using the device to stream your Netflix goodies.

To get Netflix without the disc, Wii users need to download the free app through the Wii Shop Channel. From there, launch the Netflix app and follow the on-screen instructions to add the device to your Netflix account.

Of course, you will also need a broadband connection and an unlimited Netflix subscription. Those subscriptions start at $8.99 ($7.99 for Canada) per month.

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