Nintendo Paints the Wii Red, Debuts Mario Birthday Bundles


Gamers should have plenty of new package options for this holiday season.

Oct. 21, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Happy birthday Super Mario! The infamous little mustached man is celebrating his 25th birthday this year, which makes us feel old and excited at the same time. The old thing is obvious. However, we are feeling like kids again, thinking about Nintendo’s newly announced Mario birthday bundles.

Part of the birthday celebration includes new red-hot versions of the Wii and the DSi XL handheld. Literally, these things are bright red.

The $199.99 Wii package will include the console, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the brand new Wii Remote Plus controller, a red Nunchuk, and Wii Sports. The DSi XL bundle will have the handheld, with three iconic Super Mario Bros.-themed graphics. It also comes packaged with Mario Kart DS, and pre-loaded software for Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters and Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock. That package will run you $179.99. Both limited-edition bundles will be available starting November 7.

The Wii Remote Plus boasts better motion controls than its predecessor. It will be the standard controller in all Wii packages and bundles from now on. If you want to upgrade, you can snag one for $39.99.

Nintendo also plans to release the controller as part of the FlingSmash bundle. This game combines tennis and pinball into one sweaty gaming experience. That package includes the game and one Wii Remote Plus controller for $49.99.

“Whether shoppers want to add a cool new look to their gaming setup or expand their supply of controllers with an exciting game, Nintendo offers a great value for the holidays,” said Marc Franklin, Nintendo of America’s PR director. “For anyone who is still on the fence about whether to join the world of video games, we’re offering many fun, easy, economical ways to get involved.”

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