New York Penthouse Decked Out with Vantage Gear


Control panels like this throughout the house allow the occupants access to entertainment, temperature, shade and lighting control.

It may be a high-end showcase, but simplicity remains the key.

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What do you do with a deep retrofit of a 5,900-square-foot, two story Manhattan penthouse in Tribeca? If you’re Vantage controls and parent company Legrand, you grab a bunch of your company’s high-tech goods and have local custom electronic installer Kraus Hi-Tech of Long Island City, N.Y., install them. Then invite a bunch of your friends over to play.

The star of the show is the Vantage’s InFusion control system that in this sweet spread operates five zones of audio, five zones of video switching, lighting, shading and makes it all seamless for the end user.

“Simplicity is a big deal here. You should be able to walk through a space and see what to do,” says Andrew Wale, Vantage’s vice president of marketing. “We are trying to create experiences for homeowners that mean something for them.”

Though the penthouse isn’t completely integrated. Recent events at the 55 Warren St. duplex were largely intended to showcase Vantage products for dealers. But here you can get a peek at what some of the systems can do.

Check out the slideshow for more views inside the penthouse.

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