New Wii By 2011?

Nintendo Wii

Whether or not it’s a new Wii, Nintendo is expected to make announcements on Thursday.

The web is buzzing with rumors of a new console coming -- at some point.

Oct. 01, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Just when you could start finding Wiis everywhere… there’s a rumor that the console could get an upgrade within two years.

Wired says that the next incarnation could include high-def. Whether or not that means movie playback or higher prices is totally unknown, but it could give the Wii a boost with graphics. Despite the current cheap prices and flailing arm movements, the on-screen action can’t really compare to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Of course, in the world of electronics, two years could mean five. The Wii is currently enjoying much success, so it’s hard to believe that Nintendo wouldn’t want to ride that wave until the end.

Nintendo is hosting its annual media day on Thursday. No doubt the new Wii will be a buzz, but that doesn’t mean we’ll get answers. Earlier this week, we reported that the other hot topic expected should be the new/rumored Nintendo DS.

According to the NPD Group, Nintendo sold more than 448,000 Wii consoles in the U.S.—just in August. That brings the grand total to almost 12 million.

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