New Planar Speakers from Wisdom Audio


Nov. 25, 2010 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

High-end speaker maker Wisdom Audio announced a new product line they’re calling the Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3. 
The speakers utilize a proprietary wideband planar magnetic line source technology.  Each speaker includes modules incorporating two planar magnetic midrange drivers and a planar magnetic high frequency driver. The LS4, intended for left and right stereo configurations, includes four modules while the LS3 includes three modules for a center channel. The speakers are designed to be bi-amplified and are internally wired with cable from Transparent Audio.

The company says it’s products differ from conventional speakers in that the planar technology can cover a much wider range with less sound degradation.  “They surpass anything I have been involved in designing either for consumer or professional applications and establish a new benchmark for our transducer technology,” says Wisdom Audio’s David Graebener.

The LS4 and LS3 are designed to be paired with Wisdom’s STS Regenerative Transmission Line subwoofer. The sub features an in-system (externally crossed over) frequency response from 15 Hz to 80 Hz and an efficiency of 101 dB at 1 watt/2.83V.

The Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3 will be unveiled at the CES in January 2011, with initial deliveries beginning in February. The North American MSRP will be $40,000 each for the Wisdom Series LS4, and $30,000 each for the Wisdom Series LS3.

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