New Nintendo Will Add Camera, Music

Nintendo DS

Nintendo’s current handhelds include the DS and DS Lite, which features dual screens.

There's some buzz that the game maker will add more multimedia to its existing handheld.

Sep. 29, 2008 — by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Instead of stuffing your pocket (or man purse) full of gadgets, Nintendo could soon have their own all-in-one.

Japan’s Nikkei newspaper says that the game maker plans a new version of its Nintendo DS later this year. This time, the handheld gaming machine will include a camera and music player. They will also increase the unit’s wireless capabilities. Gizmodo says that the camera functions will be incorporated into some of the games, but we can’t even fathom what that involves—a lot of weirdness, that’s for sure.

Supposedly the new unit is designed to compete with Apple’s iPod (surprise!), as well as current cell phones.

When the new Nintendo DS hits Japan later this year, it’s expected to cost in the $189 area. For now, Nintendo is not saying anything. However, they are planning to hold press conferences on Thursday.

Nintendo recently said that they expect to sell a total of 28 million DS units for this fiscal year.

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