New Boston Acoustics Speaker Line P.O.P.s with Color

Boston horizon

Boston Acoustics’ Horizon Series with examples of grille cloth options

Boston Acoustics' recently unveiled Horizon Series highlights the company's 'Personal Option Plan' that includes a variety of grille colors.

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With an eye on combining a hipper look and its traditional solid performance, Boston Acoustics is embarking on a new Horizon in its product lineup, literally. The company has incorporated a tagline of “Play Smart” to evoke its philosophy of fun and functionality, and has introduced its Horizon Series of loudspeakers as the first incarnation of the new attitude.

Aesthetically, the Horizons feature soft-touch finish in either ‘mist’ or ‘midnight’—not-quite white and not-quite black—colors, with silver grilles for mist and onyx grilles for midnight. As part of the company’s new design concept, though, customers can use Boston’s Personal Option Plan (P.O.P.) and select grilles in a variety of colors that includes glacier, rosebud, pearl gray, caramel, chocolat and chili pepper to go with onyx and silver.

Here’s the lineup of models included in the Horizon’s range of 10 speaker sizes and configurations:

  • HS 40—4.5-inch 2-way bookshelf (SRP $99)
  • HS 50—5.25-inch 2-way bookshelf ($129)
  • HS 60—6.5-inch 2-way bookshelf ($149)
  • HS 225—dual 5.25-inch 2-way LCR ($249)
  • HS 450—dual 5.25-inch 2-way floorstanding ($299)
  • HS 460—dual 6.5-inch 2-way floorstanding ($399)
  • HPS 8Wi—8-inch wireless powered subwoofer ($399)
  • HPS10 SE—10-inch powered sub with built-in 150-watt amp ($299)
  • HPS 10HO—10-inch powered sub with built-in 250-watt amp ($399)
  • HPS 12HO—12-inch powered sub with built-in 300-watt amp ($499)

Additionally, the Horizon Series features two 5.1-channel surround systems: the MCS 130 ($799) and MCS 100 ($499), scheduled for delivery in September.

The Horizon Series and optional P.O.P. cloth grilles are scheduled to ship in October.

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